Business Sectors


Food Distribution

ETU is the official distributor of leading international brands such as Mondelez and Almarai with its expert trained sales & marketing teams, 70 transport trucks, ample warehousing facilities & extensive distribution network (4000 point of sale), ETU is covering the whole country from its 3 branches (Benghazi for the North East, Tripoli for the North West and Sebha for the South of Libya.


Food service

As part of its mission to introduce quality products and services to the Libyan market, ETU is working with international foods & cafes franchises to bring them to the Libyan customers.


Retail (Footwear & Clothing)

After it carved its strong presence in the Libyan market for almost 3 decades and as part of its vision to be true brand ambassador and leading international franchise operator, ETU is expanding its portfolio to include leading footwear, fashion & Lifestyle brands introducing great shopping experience to millions of customers across the country.


Food Import & Export

For more than two decades of import to Libyan market & accumulating knowledge, experience & large base of loyal business customers, ETU has carved its strong presence in Libya & opened thriving gateways to the central Africa markets & set clear strategies are in place to enter emerging markets such as